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Here are some amazing facts about emojis!

Emoji facts

We have collected a number of different facts about emojis. Simply scroll through this page or click on the buttons below to find out more about emojis!

Random facts

Homecountry of Emojis

Emojis were invented in Japan. This country is still the only country that has its own emoji showing its borders.


There is an entire online wiki for emojis, which is called Emojipedia.

World Emoji day

July 17 is displayed on most calendar-emojis. This is the reason why the "World Emoji Day" is celebrated on this day.

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Emojis ever day

Over 5 billion emojis are sent every day via Facebook Messenger.

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Different Emojis

There are more than 3,000 emojis available and their number is increasing all the time.

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Women vs. Men

78 % of all women claim to use emojis very often. Only 60 % of the men claim to use emojis very often.


Animojis are 3D animated emojis. They identify facial expressions with the help of a 3D sensing camera and transform them into emojis. They also become famous for singing Animoji karaoke videos on YouTube.

Emoji Movie

In August 2017, the 3D animated movie "Emoji - the movie" brought emojis to the cinemas.


Since 2013, users have been able to track the use of emojis in real time on Twitter by using the Emojitracker. The emoji tracker was developed by the IT artist and programmer Matthew Rosenberg.

Emoji book

There is even a book written only in emoji. In 2014, the Chinese artist Xu Bing published a novel called "Book from the ground", which he wrote only with the help of symbols and icons, including emojis.

Moby Dick

The novel "Moby Dick" was translated into Emoji by Fred Beneson and his team. The project was financed by a crowdfunding campaign initiated by Fred Beneson, who was an employee of the crowdfunding platform "Kickstarter".

History of emojis

1881 - Magazine Puck

In 1881, the American magazine Puck published emoticons as typographical art. They proposed character combinations, which should illustrate emotions.

1972 - Smiley

 In 1972, Franklin Laufrani developed the classical smiley, to motivated his employees. The classical smiley is a registered trademark and there also exists a company called „The Smiley Company“.

1994 - Forest Gump

A different story about the origin of the smiley is told by Forest Gump. After he cleans dirt off his face with a yellow shirt, you can see a smiling face on it.

1999 - Emojis are born

In 1999, Shigetaka Kurita invented the first emojis in Japan. By that time emojis were a collection of fewer than 176 rather small icons. 

2011 - Emoji keyboard

In the beginning emojis were  not used outside of Japan. When Apple introduced the emoji keyboard in its iPhone in 2011, the use of emojis increased dramatically. Today you cannot imagine a mobile phone without a emoji keyboard.

2013 - 2015 Dictionary

In 2013, the word emoji was included in the Oxford Dictionary. Two years later, an emoji was even selected as the „Word of the Year“.

Most popular emojis

Most Popular Emojis - Overall

1st Place:

The face with tear of joy emoji is used most often.

2nd Place :

In second place, we can find the heart eyes emoji.

3 rd Place:

Used a bit more infrequently, but still in 3rd place: the classical heart emoji.

Most Popular - Animals & Nature

1st Place:

Dogs are one the most popular pets. This makes it seem natural that the dog-face emoji is the most popular one in this category.

2nd Place:

More surprising for most people is that the honeybee emoji is the second most frequently used animal emoji.

3rd Place:

The third most frequently used emoji is the cherry blossom emoji, which is used particularly often in Asian countries.

You are looking for the monkeys?

You have probably noticed that the cool monkey emojis are not in the top 3. That's simply because these emojis are officially listed in the category "Genereal" and not in "Animals & Nature".

Most Popular - Food & Drink

1st Place:

The most popular drink in the world is also the most frequently used emoji in the category „Food & Drink“.

2nd place:

The most popular food emoji in 2nd place in the category „Food & Drink“, is the pizza emoji.

3rd place:

In 3rd place, we find the wine-glass emoji, which is the most popular alcohol-related emoji.

Emoji development


In  2017, the Google cheeseburger emoji caused quite a stir. A huge discussion arose on the Internet about the placement of the cheese on the burger.  Finally, Google decided to change its emoji.

Vegan Salad

For many years, Googles salad-emoji contained an egg. In June 2018, the egg was removed and the salad emoji went vegan.

Family Emojis

While in the past, the family emoji just showed traditional families consisting of mother, father, and child(ren), nowadays there are many different family emojis, for many different family structures. For Microsoft, this was not enough and the company decided in spring 2018 to develop over 52,000 different family emojis. For example, they are going to  consider families with different skin colors.

individual emojis


The Scandinavian country Sweden has created its own set of emojis. There are about 100 "Swemojis", which contain, for example, a moose, Vikings, and even Pippi Longstocking.


The smallest state in Germany was the first to have its own emojis. The "Saarmojis" were developed in 2017.


Emoji-Poll also has its own emoji which is called "Kahkah". It was handmade in the Palatine Forrest and named by a Spanish guy. Kahkah has a bright smile, big eyes, and stylish glasses.

New Emojis

There are already over 3,000 emojis and their number keeps increasing all the time. In this video you can see which emojis were added in 2017.


This year over 150 new emojis should be introduced. In this video, you can see which these are. If you think that an emoji is missing, you can propose your own emoji.

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